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Benefits Of Pro-Lock Lockout Safety Devices

Benefits of Pro-Lock® Lockout Devices

Here we compare the various methods of valve lockout devices with all the Benefits and Difficulties of each and how Pro-Lock® is the superior choice in almost every scenario.

Red Hex Head Lockout

Our lockout devices are secure – even without lock or seal, an Operating Tool is needed to remove them.

They will lock most types and size of valve. Each one is highly cost-effective – once purchased, no further lock-off expense, a better investment than disposable, environmentally unsustainable alternatives.

They are lightweight – when used in industrial environments, an operator carrying a length of wire and bag of Pro-Lock® devices can lock-off numerous valves.

Each on is durable – an all stainless steel and Polypropylene construction, they can be used without padlock and/or security seal if desired.

Padlocks can be used in conjunction with the Pro-Lock®, thus retaining the advantage of dispensing with chains.

Pro-Lock® can be tightened by hand – the most effective way of securing the valve or other item determined, before finally locking tight with the dedicated tool.

The wire is introduced from the sides, so avoiding the difficulties of threading wires with worn or splayed ends.

Pro-Lock® devices and wire are available in different colours to allow differentiation between locked open and locked closed valves.

The Multi Stranded galvanised wire is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility

The Benefits of Cable Seals

Red Cable Seal

More cost-effective than the systems so far described, however, see how pro-lock also works for the above applications at a fraction of the long-term cost. Can be cost-effective for very long-term isolations. For this reason we offer a selection of aluminium and Stainless Steel cable seals

The Benefits of Padlocks

Brass Padlocks

Our hard-wearing padlocks are ideal for electrical switchgear and a perfect solution if you wish to uniquely lock each isolated item.

Padlock can be used in addition to most lockout systems.

However, the Pro-Lock® system is the only system that is capable of being used with or without a padlock.

A selection of High-Quality British made Master Locks Padlocks are available from Pro-Lock®