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Pro-Lock® Biodegradable Security Seal

In its produced form, plastics will take centuries to biodegrade. Pro-Lock has assessed various forms of technologies in the form of additives that can enhance the biodegradability of our products. We have now tied up with our technology provider with an additive that is:

• Simple to use and does not affect processing conditions of our products
• Not affecting the properties of the products as compared to its untreated form
• Food safe in accordance to FSA requirements
• Biodegradable only when the product is in an environment of high microbial activities, especially in landfill and composting sites.
• Recyclable to the same extent as its untreated form
• Not degradable after manufacture and not requiring special storage after the products arrive at your storage sites.

The biodegradability of the treated products had been independently verified by approved independent laboratories in the United States using testing methods ASTM D 5511 and ASTM D 5526. From the testings conducted, the treated products, depending on the form and type of plastic will biodegrade in 1 to 5 years as compared to centuries for untreated products. On our own, Pro-Lock has also tested and verified the properties of the products in comparison with untreated products and found that the addition of the biodegradable additives does not affect the physical and marking properties.

Standards & Certifications

• ISO 14021:1999 on “Environmental Labels and Declarations” under the definition of “Biodegradable”
• ASTM D 5511, ISO DIS 15985, ASTM D 5526 and ASTM D 5338 on biodegradability
• FDA’s testing specifications 21 CFR 177.1630 and 21 CFR 177.1520 on food safety
• US EPA Method 8015 on being completely broken down, and
• EU Directive 94/62/EC Directive on “Packaging and Packaging Waste” and with plastic directives
• Directive 89/109/EEC” and “Directive 2002/72/EC”

Bio Seals are available in 2 colours, Red & White.


SS-01RBIO – Red Bio Seal:

Red Pro-Lock® Biodegradable Security Seal with Write-on panels and Unique Numbering (Available in Boxes of 1000)

SS-01WBIO – White Bio Seal:

White Pro-Lock® Biodegradable Security Seal with Write-on panels and Unique Numbering (Available in Boxes of 1000)


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