December Product Of The Month

Showcasing A Selection Of Our Most Popular Products

Each month we are shining the spotlight on a particular product to give you a more detailed look into each product. We will be discussing when the product should be used, where is should be used and why it should be used.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Mini Circuit Breakers
Our MCB's provide a safe and effective method for locking out circuit breakers.
These Miniature Circuit Breakers can be used on all European circuit breakers. We have a wide variety of MCB's which include Push Button pin-in and pin-out, No Tool and grub screw MCB's.
These MCB's should be used when there is a need to lockout off the power to a certain breaker.
The idea is that someone should be able to turn off the power to an appliance to safely work on it. If a person is working in the building on exposed wires you wouldn't want someone else to reactivate the switch which would be electrocuting the other person.