Pro-Lock Gate Valve Lockout Devices

Pro-Lock® gate valve lockout device provides a secure method for isolating gate valves.

The Pro-Lock® gate valve lockout device secures the handles of gate valves to prevent them from being operated. Pro-Lock® valve lockout devices are durable and will not rust or corrode as they are moulded from polypropylene and contain only stainless steel internal parts.

Pro-Lock® valve lockout devices are available in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow for easy identification of the employees using the devices, the contents of the pipework being isolated, or whether the valve is locked/open/closed/part of a wider isolation.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits when it comes to using the butterfly valve lockout device including:

» Secure – even without lock or seal, an Operating Tool is needed to remove.
» Locks most types and size of valve.
» Cost-effective – once purchased, no further lock-off expense, a better investment than disposable, environmentally unsustainable alternatives.
» Lightweight – when used in industrial environments, an operator carrying a length of wire and bag of Pro-Lock® devices can lock-off numerous valves.
»  Durable – an all stainless steel and Polypropylene construction.
»  Can be used without padlock and/or security seal if desired.
» Gate valve lockout devices can be tightened by hand – the most effective way of securing the valve or other item determined, before finally locking tight with the dedicated tool.
» The wire is introduced from the sides, so avoiding the difficulties of threading wires with worn or splayed ends.
» Pro-Lock® devices and wire are available in different colours to allow differentiation between locked open and locked closed valves.
» The Multi Stranded galvanised wire is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility

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