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Lockout Hasps Are Integral To The Pro Lock Product Range

Stainless Steel Hasp

Lockout Hasps are integral to a successful LOTO program. Lockout hasps allow multiple padlocks to be applied, allowing an energy source to be isolated by more than one person. This means that the energy source is completely locked out and cannot be operated until each worker unlocks their padlock from the hasp.

Lockout Hasps allow you to Lock out an energy source ensuring that it cannot be switched on and tagging it visually Tag-out. By clearly marking the lockout hasp with a date and name and attaching a padlock to the hasp, the hasp is efficiently used in a successful safety lockout program.

Pro-Lock Safety stock various hasps of varied sizes.

These allow you to effectively isolate any energy source you need to.

  1. The stainless-steel hasps can be supplied with chains of varying lengths. The Lockout hasps with chains are suited to valve isolation or securing next to isolation points. They can withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals. We can supply Lockout hasps with chains of different lengths to suit any situation.
  2. Scissor Action Lockout Hasp manufactured from plated steel, with 45mm x 32mm & 19mm diameter jaws. Overall length 137mm. Accepts six padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 11mm.
  3. Steel Lockout Hasp - Red plastic coated for maximum visibility. Available in two sizes accepting six padlocks with 10mm diameter
  4. Non-Conductive Flexible Nylon Lockout Hasp manufactured from flexible nylon. Excellent electrical insulating characteristics and is highly resistant to cracking and most chemicals. Accepts six padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 9mm.

Governing bodies such as HSE require organisations to ensure they are using lockout/tagout procedures. Devices such as hasps are a good step towards ensuring you adhere to these regulations and do not get into trouble for potentially fatal accidents in the workplace. We can help you fulfill this requirement with our cost-effective Lockout Hasps.