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We are official Master Lock distributors which means we have access to the full range of Master Lock products for both Safety and Security. We have carefully selected some of their most popular products which are shown here. However, if there is any other Master Lock products that you require please contact us directly or go to our website to access the full range

Life Time Guarantee

Master Lock mechanical padlocks are guaranteed to be free from mechanical defects for the life of the product. If a mechanical defect occurs, we will replace it free of charge.

2 Year Limited Guarantee

All other none locking products are guaranteed for a period of 2 years.


Our Master Lock Product Range Includes:


Adjustable Cable Lockout

Master Lock 806

The Adjustable Cable Lockout Device, ideal for group & multi-point lockouts, features a tough, flexible multistranded steel cable insulated with a clear plastic coating. A tough, lightweight Zenex™ Thermoplastic body withstands chemicals and performs effectively in extreme conditions

Integrated safety lockout hasp and cable is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panels and side-by-side gate valve lockouts.

Tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable is insulated with a clear plastic coating (PVC free)

Tough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals.

Performs effectively in extreme conditions.

Other cable lengths available on request with a MOQ


Lockout Cover With Oversized Plugs

Cinch Sack

The Large Nylon Oversized Plug & Control Cover features a 18cm diameter x 43cm tall flexible and durable ripstop nylon bag that fits easily in safety tool boxes. Effectively locks out odd size and large electrical connecters and hoist controls and accepts up to 6 padlocks or hasps.
• 17,8cm diameter x 43,2cm tall
• Insert PVC tubing to block access to hoist control buttons
• The cinch sack offers broad application solutions
• Trilingual “Locked Out, Do Not Remove” warning printed on bag


Safety Padlock Caddy

Master Lock 125

The Safety Padlock Caddy holds safety padlocks near the lockout point and helps ensure all isolation locations are addressed, holds up to 12 safety padlocks.
• Holds safety padlocks near lockout point
• Helps ensure all locations are addressed
• Holds up to 12 safety padlocks
• Includes product labels in English, Spanish and French


Group Lockout Box

Master Lock 600

The Group Lockout Box is made of stainless steel to withstand the toughest environments. The rugged construction offers enhanced design features, making this box stronger and easier to use.
• Stainless steel construction maximizes corrosion resistance.
• Clear, impact-resistant window provides visibility to secured keys.
• 18 numbered lockout holes for easy identification.
• Storage capacity up to 30 padlocks.
• Gasketed key slot to drop keys into removable cup.
• Stackable design facilitates storage and simplifies transporting multiple boxes.


Blind Flange

Master Lock EU Series

The Blind Flange Lockout device is a physical, best practice solution for pipeline maintenance. The adjustable cup allows for a secure fit that conceals and locks out access to nuts holding a blind in place.
• Device fully conceals flange bolts preventing access to the blind until all work has been completed.
• Adjustable device provides a tight fit, adapting to multiple flanged pipe applications.
• Four lockout holes allow for multiple workers to lockout devices at one time.
• Durable aluminum and hardened steel construction withstand conditions indoors and out.

Lockout Device For Electrical Plug

Master Lock EU-487

The Rotating Electrical Plug Lockout Device accepts cords up to 19mm diameter. Device surrounds the electrical plug and protects against accidental reconnection.
• Outward/inward rotation allows for easier application and storage.
• Surrounds the electrical plug and protects against accidental reconnection.
• Patented rotating design allows for easier installation in confined space applications.
• Tough, lightweight, dielectric thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals.


Master Lock Marine Grade Padlock

Master Lock Padlock - Marine Grade

The Master Lock 640EURDLH Weather Resistant Padlock features a 40mm wide nickel plated solid brass body for maximum strength, reliability and corrosion resistance. The 6mm diameter shackle is 52mm long and made of nickel-plated steel, offering resistance to harsh outdoor conditions. The 5-pin cylinder prevents picking and the dual locking levers provide resistance against prying and hammering.

  • 40mm wide nickel plated solid brass body for strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel shackle for maximum resistance to corrosion.
  • 5-pin cylinder.
  • Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance.


The Master Lock 640EURDLH Weather Resistant Padlock features a 40mm wide nickel-plated solid brass body for maximum strength, reliability and corrosion resistance.


Removable Push Button & Rotary Switch Cover

Master Lock 2151

The Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover prohibit access to a switch or control. The cover fits both 30,5mm and 22,5mm diameter switches and accommodates buttons up to 50mm diameter and 45mm tall.
• Clear bases and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
• Horse-shoe shaped retrofit base allows use with raised nameplates and off-center installation to accommodate rotary switch knobs
• Accommodates buttons up to 50mm diameter and 45mm tall
• Includes one cover, one new install base and one retrofit base with double-faced adhesive tape


Butterfly Valve Lockout Device

Master Lock 3920

The Butterfly Valve Lockout Device locks out virtually any butterfly valve in just seconds with any of our Pro-Lock device. The easy-to-use wedge-shaped device features a stainless steel rivet allowing the device to smoothly pivot open and closed to ensure proper fit.
• Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments.
• Directional application arrows allow for ease of installation and minimize user error.
• Stainless steel rivet allows the device to smoothly pivot open and closed to ensure proper fit.


Master Lock Zenex Padlocks


Master Lock Xenoy Padlocks

These Master-Lock Zenex lockout padlocks are ideal for use with the Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout system.

Durable, lightweight with non-conductive Zenex™ lock bodies.
• High security 6 pin cylinder lock, up to 100,000 different locking mechanisms.
• 1 key to each lock.
• Key retaining ensures that padlocks are not left unlocked.
• 8 different colour options available for clear identification.

Available keyed to differ, or keyed alike in 8 colour coded suites.
• Standard ‘Do Not Remove’ Label and write on property labels included
• Can be engraved if required.
• 38mm wide x 44mm bodies, vertical shackle clearance 38mm, shackle diameter 6.4mm.
• Lock and key number records for this range can be maintained upon request


Pro-Lock & Master Lock

We are pleased to be distributors of Master Lock products and have carefully selected some of their most popular products for you to choose from. If you require any other Master Lock products, please contact us directly or visit our website to access the full range.

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all Master Lock mechanical padlocks, and a 2 year guarantee on all non-locking products.

Thank you for choosing Master Lock products – we look forward to serving you!