November Product Of The Month

Showcasing A Selection Of Our Most Popular Products

Each month we are shining the spotlight on a particular product to give you a more detailed look into each product. We will be discussing when the product should be used, where is should be used and why it should be used.

Master Lock Zenex Padlocks

Master Lock 410 Series

So we are starting off with our very popular Zenex Padlock from Master Lock. This Padlock is ideal for all Lockout Tagout procedures with its non-conductive casing which is also chemical and corrosion-resistant.
Due to the fact that this padlock is nonconductive and can be used in most environments, we would recommend this padlock for most if not all Lockout Tagout procedures.
As this is a safety padlock and not a security padlock we recommend using it only within a Lockout Tagout procedure or safety environment.
The Master Lock Zenex padlock has been around for a number of years and to date we haven't heard of any issues with it when being used correctly. It also has a number of great safety features such as key retaining, colour-coded, write-on safety stickers to name a few.