October Product Of The Week

Showcasing A Selection Of Our Most Popular Products

Each month we are shining the spotlight on a particular product to give you a more detailed look into each product. We will be discussing when the product should be used, where is should be used and why it should be used.


Large Pro-Lock Devices

Large Pro-Lock Devices
Large Pro-Locks are the same in size as the standard the only difference is the diameter of the holes with the Large Pro-Lock being 8.5mm. The reason for this is to accommodate padlocks with a thicker shackle as many site will already have their own padlocks we wanted a Pro-Lock to accommodate them.
Our Pro-Locks can be used in any environment, indoors and outdoors. Over the past 20 years, they have been used across multiple different industries such as Oil & Gas, MoD, Food Manufacturing and Utilities to name a few.
Our pro-Locks were initially designed to make the isolation of valves much easier, quicker and cost-effective. The Pro-Locks are colour coded to help identify them or their job easily and we would recommend using Pro-Lock's in the isolation of any valve.
With the unique colour coding of the Pro-Lock, makes it a great choice for valve isolation as the worker can easily identify what is going on with the valve. As our pro-Lock's are universal and re-usable they can be used to lock off any valve and it makes for a very cost-effective and secure way to isolate valves.