Official Master Lock Distributor

Master Lock Padlocks

It’s official, we are now officially a Master Lock Distributor for the UK and the EU. We have been using and selling Master Lock products for over eight years now and during that 8-year period we have sold a large number of Master Lock products including their fantastic 410 series of zenex padlocks along with their hasps, tags and several other Lockout Tagout products.

Master Lock are an amazing brand with a great reputation, they have recently just had their 100-year anniversary and don’t seem to be slowing down. Not only do they have some fantastic products they are constantly looking at the market to see if there is anything they can do to improve the quality and efficiency of not only their products but the safety industry as a whole.

Master Lock recently celebrated their 100th Birthday which goes to show just how good they are. Being one of the first and possibly the best padlock manufacturers worldwide their reputation has grown and has seen them become the most recognized padlock manufacturer in the world.

Since their first padlock was manufactured back in 1920, Master Lock have gone on to produce a wide range of padlocks for the safety and security industry.

As Master Lock has grown over the years, they have decided to move into the safety industry and have been producing Lockout Tagout products

We believe that these products like their padlocks, to be some of the best available and therefore we have been keen to partner with them.

Master Lock Xenoy Padlocks

We have been selling their xenoy/zenex padlocks for many years now for the fact that they complement our Standard Pro-Locks perfectly due to their 6.4mm shackle size. These padlocks add an extra layer of security for those Lockout Tagout programmes/equipment that require it.

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with Master Lock, which was very educational. This, unfortunately, hadn’t been possible previously due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so it was nice to finally welcome them to Pro-Lock and we were able to show them around the facilities.

During the meeting we were educated on Master Lock, Lockout procedures, the importance of safety and having the right Lockout/Tagout programme for each and every energized machine, their company ethos as well as their entire Safety and Security product range.

We now believe that with us being an official Master Lock distributor and having unlimited access to all of their Safety and Security products, this will help us to strengthen our position within the Lockout/Tagout industry as well as strengthening the Pro-Lock brand.

Pro-Lock Catalogue

You can view our catalogue online via the link above or  download our catalogue HERE in PDF format

These are not all the products that Master Lock offer so if there is something you require and you don’t see it in the catalogue please contact us with your request.