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Pro-Lock Donates to the BHY Charity Blackpool

The Boathouse Youth Charity Donation

Pro-Lock are proud to have recently donated the sum of £5.000 to the incredibly worthy local charity, The Boathouse Youth.

The Boathouse Youth Charity is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children and young individuals, aged 5 to 17, residing in socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Blackpool. Their mission is to address the challenges faced by these young individuals.

The BHY charity operates through four distinct program areas, each offering a diverse range of physical, creative, and educational activities. These programs encompass center-based youth work, offsite visits, and residential experiences, ensuring a comprehensive approach to youth development.

Moreover, the BHY provides a specialized program tailored to children with additional needs and disabilities. They understand the unique requirements of these individuals and work diligently to cater to their specific circumstances.

One notable aspect of the charity is that it operates solely on funding received from various sources. As a result, their services are accessible to all without any financial burden on the beneficiaries.

The Boathouse Youth Charity Blackpool

The dedicated team at the Boathouse Youth Charity comprises highly skilled professionals who interact with young people on a daily basis. Through well-designed and engaging programs, they create a safe space for young individuals to enhance their mental well-being, foster positive behaviours, support educational growth, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

By increasing aspirations and improving relationships, the charity aims to empower young people to become the best versions of themselves. Their overarching goal is to break the cycle of deprivation, enabling these individuals to lead fulfilling lives and create a positive impact in their communities.

The BHY Charity strives to create a brighter future for the youth of Blackpool, guiding them toward a path of success and personal growth.

Please see their website thebhy.co.uk for more information.