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Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout “V” Other Valve Lockout Devices

Let us tell you why you should choose our Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout System over other lockout devices.



Pro-Lock Gate Valve Lockout Device

The Pro-Lock locks most types and sizes of valves, eliminating the need to buy different products for each individual valve saving time when ordering.

Secure – even without a padlock or seal, a Pro-Lock® Operating Tool is needed to tighten and remove. Other devices have the locking option built in which makes them prone to tamper.


Once purchased, there is no further lock-off expense. Pro-Lock® is a better investment than disposable, environmentally unsustainable alternatives, not all other options are re-usable.


when used in industrial environments, an operator carrying a length of wire and bag of Pro-Lock® devices can lock off numerous valves. Most other options are larger and heavier making them bulky for both operation, logistics and storage.


Pro-Lock Gate Valve Lockout Device

A Stainless Steel/Polypropylene or all-Stainless-Steel construction.

Unique Colour Coding

Pro-Lock® devices and wire are available as standard in 4 colours to allow differentiation between locked open, locked closed and other isolations. Most other devices have limited colour choices.


Pro-Lock Gate Valve Lockout Device

Padlocks can be used in conjunction with the Pro-Lock Safety System®, thus retaining the advantage of dispensing with chains and can be used with Pro-Lock Biodegradable Security Seals if additional information needs to be recorded.

The wire is introduced from the sides so avoid the difficulties of threading wires with worn or splayed ends. The multi-stranded galvanised wire is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility.

Pro-Lock Gate Valve Lockout Device

Pro-Lock® can be tightened by hand, however, the most effective way of securing the valve or other item determined is with the dedicated tool securing tightly.



Lockout Tool Bag

can be stored easily in position on the machine or within our Portable Lockout Tool Bag or on one of our shadow boards.



Pro-Lock® has an enormous range of possible applications – on construction sites, in industrial environments and, of course, in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries to name a few.

Easy to use, reliable and extremely hard-wearing, Pro-Lock® is one of the most effective and versatile locking systems currently available.

For maximum security applications, the most cost-efficient lock-off combination is Pro-Lock Safety System® and a numbered Pro-Lock® Security Seal/Padlock.

Isolation details can be written on the security seal, thereby eliminating the need for high-cost labels.