Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout Devices

The Pro-Lock® valve lockout device was designed to replace any known valve lockout system and can work stand-alone, support additional security or fit seamlessly into existing permit-to-work systems.

By securing with the Pro-Lock® Operating Tool, no additional security is required.

Pro-Lock® devices are moulded from high quality, UV stabilized, polypropylene. The internal components are all stainless steel and DERA Testing has verified Pro-Lock® as suitable for use from -55°C to +55°C.

Pro-Lock® valve lockout devices are available in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow for easy identification of the employees using the devices, the contents of the pipework being isolated, or whether the valve is locked/open/closed/part of a wider isolation.

Our devices are also designed to be reusable, thus cutting down on wastage associated with traditional lockout devices.

FAQ – Pro-Locks

Our Pro-Locks are full recyclable. Simply removed the stainless-steel bolt you can recycle both parts of the Pro-Lock.

Yes. We can ship to any country worldwide; prices will be available on the quote.

Yes. When correctly used the Pro-Lock and the wire can be used repeatedly.

All our Pro-Locks are designed for safety and security, with that in mind we designed 2 types of Pro-Lock. The first is our cone headed Pro-Lock which is used for both safety and security comes as standard, large or Stainless Steel. These Pro-Locks require the special Pro-Lock operating tool to secure and remove the device. The second type of Pro-Lock we offer is our Hex Head which has its own tool but can also be opened using a standard spanner. These types of Pro-Locks are used more for security than safety.

Yes. Pro-Locks on their own are anti-tamper as you can only remove the device using the unique pro-Lock operating tool. Should anybody try to remove the Pro-lock in any other way the device would show clearly that it has been tampered with. For added security we would recommend adding one of our Security Seals or Padlocks to the Pro-Lock.

Pro-Locks are colour coded to help identify what is going on with valve that is being isolated with the Pro-Lock for instance, Green = Valve locked open, Yellow = Valve is isolated and Red = Valve Locked Closed.

Yes. We can personalise any Pro-Lock with your own Logo/Business Name, these will be priced at quote and require a minimum order of 5,000.

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