Large Pro-Lock® Without Cable – 4 Colours

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Large Pro-Lock® (without cable)

Cone Head to be opened and locked using only the Pro-Lock Operating Tool.

Larger 8.5mm Holes for a larger shackle padlock.

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Pro-Lock® is moulded from impact co-polymer polypropylene MFI 13-20

Excellent Impact Resistance. Applications include automotive articles, e.g. car bumpers, battery cases,  etc.

Material Tested to Industry standards over a wide range of temperatures (See Additional Information tab).

Successful Independent Operational and drop tests carried out on the Pro-Lock® device between -55°C and +55°C. No significant deterioration in strength or problems with operation noted.

Resistance to oils and greases.

UV stabilised.


N.B. Discount given for orders over 50 units.


Call For Price: +44 (0) 1253 811333


Additional information


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Tensile strength at yield26 MPa
Flexural Modulas1400 MPa
Tensile Modulus1500 MPa
Elongation at yield10%
Izod impact notched at 23°C9 Kj/m2
Izod impact notched at -20°C5.5 Kj/m2
Charpy impact strength notched at 23°C10 Kj/m2
Charpy impact strength notched at -20°C5 Kj/m2
Hardness Rockwell – R-scale85 Kj/m2
Melting Point165 °c
Vicat softening temperature 10N-50°C per hr145 °c
Density.905 g/cm2
Bulk density.525 g/cm2
ColourGreen, Red, Yellow


Call For Price: +44 (0) 1253 811333

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