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Red Pro-Lock Valve Lockout Devices

Red Pro Lock Device

Red Pro-Lock valve lockout devices are one of our best all time sellers, and for good reason.

The red Pro-Lock® valve lockout device offers a versatile solution that surpasses other valve lockout systems. It can function as a standalone device, provide additional security, or seamlessly integrate into existing permit-to-work systems.

With the use of the red Pro-Lock Operating Tool, no extra security measures are necessary. This innovative feature ensures a hassle-free and efficient locking process.

Crafted from high-quality, UV stabilized polypropylene, Pro-Lock devices are designed for durability. The internal components are constructed from stainless steel, guaranteeing their strength and resilience. Pro-Lock has undergone rigorous DERA Testing and has been verified as suitable for use in extreme temperatures ranging from -55°C to +55°C.

For easy identification and enhanced safety, Pro-Lock® valve lockout devices are available in four distinct colours: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. This color-coded system enables employees to quickly recognize the devices they are using, identify the contents of the isolated pipework, or determine the status of the valve (locked/open/closed/part of a wider isolation).

In addition to their outstanding functionality, red Pro-Lock devices are designed to be reusable, thereby reducing waste compared to traditional lockout devices. This sustainability-focused approach aligns with environmental concerns and promotes a greener work environment.

Choose the red Pro-Lock valve lockout device for its superior performance, versatile applications, and commitment to sustainability. Experience the convenience of a reliable lockout system that ensures the safety of your workforce and simplifies isolation procedures.

We offer a range of red Pro-Lock valve Lockout Devices including:

Large Red Pro-Lock Complete System

Red Pro-Lock Complete System

The Large Red Pro-Lock Complete System is available in 4 Colours, Larger 8.5mm Holes for a larger shackle padlock and sold with the cable.

Red Pro-Lock® Hex Head

Red Pro Lock

Is sold inclusive of 1.5M Cable, cut & looped at one end. The Red Pro-Lock® Hex Head is to be opened and locked using a spanner or the Pro-Lock® operating tool.

Large Red Pro-Lock Without Cable

Red Pro-Lock

This includes a Cone Head device to be opened and locked using only the Pro-Lock Operating Tool. The Large Red Pro-Lock Without Cable has larger 8.5mm Holes for a larger shackle padlock.

Large Red Pro-Lock®  Lockout Device with Cable

Blue Pro Lock

The Large Red Pro-Lock® Lockout Device with Cable is available in 4 colours. Inclusive of 1.5M Cable, cut & looped at one end.

Red Pro-Lock Hex Head Complete System

Red Hex Head Lockout

The red Pro-Lock® Hex Head, inclusive of 1.5m cable and the Pro-Lock® operating tool. Larger 8.5mm Holes for a larger shackle padlock.

Quality Red Lockout Devices

Each of our red Pro-Lock Valve lockout devices are moulded from impact co-polymer polypropylene MFI 13-20.

Each one offers Excellent Impact Resistance. Applications include automotive articles, e.g. car bumpers, battery cases,  etc.

Material Tested to Industry standards over a wide range of temperatures.

Successful Independent Operational and drop tests carried out on the Pro-Lock® device between -55°C and +55°C. No significant deterioration in strength or problems with operation noted.

They are resistant to oils and greases and are UV stabilised.

About Pro-Lock

Pro-Lock® originated from the visionary mind of our Managing Director, Neil Blair.

Neil has consistently identified himself as an innovator, continuously striving to enhance work practices and procedures.

With extensive production experience encompassing both Total and Distributed Computer Control, he has played a key role in designing and constructing computer graphic displays.

Additionally, Neil's hands-on involvement in onshore and offshore activities has provided him with valuable insights into day-to-day operations.

His diverse background and expertise have contributed significantly to the development of Pro-Lock® as a leading solution in the industry.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information, we are here to help.