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Scissor Action Lockout Hasps: Secure and Easy to Use

Stainless Steel Scissor Action Hasp

Scissor action lockout hasps are among these indispensable tools, offering a secure and straightforward solution to prevent accidents, protect lives, and safeguard valuable equipment.

Let's take a good look at scissor action lockout hasps, shedding light on their attributes, applications, and the significance of the Pro-Lock Scissor Action Lockout Hasp range in the domain of security.

Unveiling Scissor Action Lockout Hasps

Scissor action lockout hasps are ingenious safety devices designed to isolate and secure energy sources during maintenance or repair activities.

Their unique scissor-like design features multiple locking points, allowing for the simultaneous placement of multiple padlocks. This design ensures that equipment and machinery remain safely locked out, preventing accidental or unauthorized activation.

Attributes of Scissor Action Lockout Hasps

Large Stainless Steel Hasp

Scissor action lockout hasps offer several key attributes that make them a preferred choice in safety applications:

  1. Multiple Locking Points: The scissor action design allows for multiple padlocks to be used simultaneously. This feature enhances security by requiring the consensus of multiple authorized personnel to unlock the hasp.
  2. Durable Construction: These hasps are typically made from robust materials like steel or aluminium, ensuring they can withstand challenging industrial environments and resist tampering.
  3. Colour-Coded: Many scissor action lockout hasps are colour-coded for easy identification, which is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple lockout procedures are in place.
  4. User-Friendly: Scissor action lockout hasps are user-friendly and easy to apply, allowing maintenance personnel to follow lockout/tagout procedures without complications.
  5. Tamper-Evidence: Once secured, these hasps provide a clear indication if tampering is attempted. This tamper-evident feature ensures the integrity of the safety procedure.

Applications of Scissor Action Lockout Hasps

Stainless Steel Hasp

Scissor action lockout hasps find applications in a wide array of scenarios where safety and security are paramount:

  1. Industrial Facilities: In manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, these hasps are used to secure energy isolation points on machinery, ensuring that maintenance can be performed safely.
  2. Utilities and Energy Sector: In the utilities and energy sector, scissor action lockout hasps are employed to lock out circuit breakers, control valves, and electrical panels, preventing the risk of electrical shocks and injuries.
  3. Construction Sites: On construction sites, these hasps are used to secure equipment and machinery during maintenance activities, ensuring the safety of workers.
  4. Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, scissor action lockout hasps secure doors, switches, and circuit breakers, guaranteeing that maintenance personnel can work safely without the risk of someone unintentionally activating equipment.
  5. Shipping and Transport: Ensuring the safety of cargo and equipment during transit is essential. Scissor action lockout hasps are used to prevent unauthorized access to containers and trailers.

The Pro-Lock Scissor Action Lockout Hasp Range

Pro-Lock, a trusted name in safety solutions, offers a comprehensive range of scissor action lockout hasps designed to meet the security needs of various industries. Here are some key highlights of the Pro-Lock Scissor Action Lockout Hasp range:

  1. Multiple Locking Points: Pro-Lock's scissor action hasps feature multiple lockout points, allowing for the use of multiple padlocks. This design enhances security and ensures that machinery remains locked out effectively.
  2. Durable Materials: The hasps are constructed from durable materials, such as steel or aluminium, ensuring their resilience in demanding industrial environments.
  3. Colour-Coded Options: Pro-Lock's scissor action hasps are available in different colours, making them easily identifiable and suitable for colour-coded lockout procedures.
  4. Customisable Options: Some models offer customisable labels, allowing users to include specific information about the lockout procedure.
  5. Tamper-Evident Design: Pro-Lock's scissor action hasps are tamper-evident, providing a clear indication of any attempted tampering.

Best Practices for Using Scissor Action Lockout Hasps

To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of scissor action lockout hasps, organisations should follow the best practices:

Proper Application: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying the hasps to ensure they function as intended.

Training: Ensure that employees are trained in lockout/tagout procedures and the proper use of scissor action lockout hasps.

Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the hasps for signs of tampering, damage, or wear. Replace any hasps that show signs of deterioration.

Customisation: Choose the appropriate hasp model, size, and design for your specific application to maximise the effectiveness of the lockout procedure.

Communication: Establish clear communication channels among employees, contractors, and maintenance personnel regarding lockout/tagout procedures and the status of equipment. Effective communication is crucial for ensuring that everyone is informed and aware of the equipment's condition.


Scissor action lockout hasps are a cornerstone of safety in various industries, combining robust security with user-friendliness.

Their multiple locking points, tamper-evident design, and durability make them essential tools for lockout/tagout procedures, where the safety of personnel and the integrity of equipment are of utmost importance.

The Pro-Lock Scissor Action Lockout Hasp range further elevates their value by offering customisable options and colour-coded models.

In a world where safety and security are top priorities, these hasps stand as guardians of lives and assets, ensuring that machinery and equipment remain securely locked out during maintenance or repair.

With Pro-Lock's Scissor Action Lockout Hasps, you have a reliable and user-friendly solution to enhance safety and protect valuable assets in diverse applications.