Pro-Lock® Specification

Pro-Lock® is moulded from impact co-polymer polypropylene MFI 1310.

Excellent Impact Resistance. Applications include automotive articles, e.g. car bumpers, battery cases, etc.

Material Tested to Industry standards over a wide range of temperatures (See ISO Test results below).

Successful Independent Operational and drop tests carried out on the Pro-lock device between -55°C and +55°C. No significant deterioration in strength or problems with operation noted.

Resistance to oils and greases.

UV stabilised.

Material Testing: MFI 13-20


M8 x 30mm 304/S15 Stainless Steel bolt

M8 nut, fabricated from 303 Stainless Steel.

Wire rope

Specification to BS 302 1987

2.5mm Diameter, PVC Coated to 3.5mm

7 strands

Minimum breaking load of wire 435kgs

Safe Working Load 87kgs

Note: SWL applies to rope only. Pro-Lock® is not a lifting device.

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