Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout Device

A reusable valve lockout device, for use with most types of valve. Secure without the need for additional security such as padlocks or seals

Our vision is to offer the best, universal, re-useable, affordable Valve Lockout Device to the world while providing outstanding customer service.

Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout

Pro-Lock® valve lockout device is a Universal system that can complement or even replace high-priced security sealspadlocks and chains. Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves, industrial machinery and many other items.

Pro-Lock® is moulded from impact copolymer polypropylene MFI 1310. It is UV stabilised and all internal parts are manufactured from stainless steel. Pro-Lock® is used in conjunction with PVC coated, multi-stranded, galvanised steel wire and is supplied either cut to the required length or left on the roll as required.
Pro-Lock® is designed to be locked onto this cable using our unique Operating Tool. For added security,  Pro-Lock®  can be used in conjunction with padlocks or security seals.


Originally designed as a cost-effective solution to lock any type of valve in aggressive, offshore environments, therefore, Pro-Lock® is tough and extremely versatile. Function testing has been carried out between -55°C and +55°C with no noticeable reduction in performance. Pro-Lock® offers a reliable alternative to expensive or more difficult-to-use lockout products such as padlocks, chains and security seals.

How Pro-Lock® Works

No threading of wire is necessary. The wire is slotted in from the side and the top section of the lock is hand tightened to secure the cable on to the valve. The Pro-Lock® is then slid along to the optimum position, much like the knot of a necktie and then locked onto the cable using the Pro-Lock®  Operating Tool (or the Pro-Lock® Hexagonal Spanner for our Hex Head Pro-Lock®  Lockout device.)

Each Pro-Lock® can be supplied with 1.5 meters of multi-stranded galvanised steel wire (optimum length for valve locking applications).
This is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility. This wire may be supplied cut to lengths of 1.5M and looped at one end for added versatility, or on roll (50M) as required.

Heavy-duty Angular type cutters are required for cutting the wire.
If the cable is purchased on the roll, Aluminium or Copper ferrules can be supplied to fashion loops on customised lengths. These can be either be tapped in position using a small hammer or pressed into position using various means. (The loop is useful however it is not essential).

Pro-Lock Devices

The Pro-Lock® valve lockout device was designed to replace any known valve lockout system and can work stand-alone, support additional security or fit seamlessly into existing permit-to-work systems. By securing with the Pro-Lock® Operating Tool, no additional security is required.

Hex Head
Stainless Steel
Sale Items



At Pro-Lock® we offer a wide range of security seals which include Aluminium and stainless steel cable seals, we also offer single-use polypropylene seals in a variety of colours and sizes. Most recently we have invested in Bio-Degradable seals to help reduce our plastic footprint and to help the business become more eco-friendly. All of our seals can complement the Pro-Locks for added security or can be used on their own.

Biodegradable Seals
HD Seals
Large Flag HE Security Seals
Isolation Tags
Aluminium Cable Seals
Stainless Steel Cable Seals
Safety Tags

Lockout Tagout

Here at Pro-Lock® we offer a range of Lockout Tagout equipment from brass padlocks to hasps to mini circuit breakers and full Lockout Tagout kits. (I need to add more here but this will do for a start)

Brass Padlocks
Valve Lockout
Electrical Lockout
Lockout Stations
Padlock Key & Cabinets

Pro-Lock Extras

We also offer a range of helpful accessories and extras including:

Lockout Stations
Master Lock
Coloured Wire
Do Not Operate Tags
Rotating Gate Valve
Cutters & Swaggers

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Exxon Mobile


We Are Official Master Lock Distributors

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